Like many of our clients, Scruffy Dog recognises that environmental sustainability is key to being a responsible member of the global community. Scruffy Dog is committed to operating in a way that minimises our impact on the environment by way of energy conservation, waste management, recycling and responsible sourcing through a variety of initiatives.


Participated in a recognised programme that measures and shares information on individual companies’ environmental impact, the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Member of and work with ISLA, transitioning the event industry to a sustainable future.

Established an Environmental Management System (EMS) that follows ISO4001.

Reduced our consumption and carbon footprint by continuing to:

  • Identify preferred suppliers for recycling programmes and eco-friendly supplies
  • Implement and promote use of video-conferencing and online collaboration tools, with the goal of reducing non-essential business travel
  • Select energy-efficient electrical components and equipment and implement energy-saving default settings for lighting, computers and printers
  • Participate in recycling and conservation efforts related to water consumption, recycling of paper, bottles, cans, plastic, printer and copier consumables, batteries and IT equipment


As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, Scruffy Dog tracks quantifiable information and sets new goals annually.

Current goals include:

Climate protection –

  • Maintain current levels of Scope 2 and Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions and be mindful of finding new ways to reduce consumption of electricity
  • Increase our usage of tele-and video-conferencing technology going forward

Energy conservation –

  • Maintain current levels of consumption of electricity and remain conscious of finding new ways to reduce consumption of electricity
  • Ensure that our leased space meets advanced energy and environmental standards such as EPC level C or above

Waste management and recycling –

  • Reduce the amount of paper we use by 2% per employee/year
  • Increase the amount of materials we recycle by 1% per employee/year


Scruffy Dog views social sustainability as a priority for the company as a whole, its employees as individuals and how it conducts itself with the global community.

Scruffy Dog delivers world-class strategic, creative and production capabilities to help businesses and individuals drive results by inventing, reinventing, building and producing visitor attraction and events that are positioned to thrive in today’s dynamic environment.

Our world class offering as a company is bound by these simple set of values that we expect every employee to adhere to:

Honesty | Integrity | Fairness | Accountability | Caring | Respect

These values are reflected in our commitment to sustaining the highest standards of conduct in matters relating to non-discrimination, inclusion, respect and dignity, wages and benefits, working hours, freedom of association, health and safety, environmental protection, respect for intellectual property rights, maintaining reasonable privacy expectations, upholding fair business and advertising standards, forced or involuntary labour, child labour, compliance and ethical dealings.

Scruffy Dog extends these expectations to our suppliers as well.

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