We at Creative PM are industry leaders in managing large-scale experience projects. We have a portfolio of work that extends to all corners of the location-based entertainment industry, including some of the biggest and most ambitious projects in the world. We are experts in creative project management for Theme Parks, Water Parks, Resorts, Attractions, Museums, and Live & Experiential Events.


Creative PM is a specialist in theme parks, resorts, and attraction design. Irrespective of the space available, the number of attractions, or other amenities, our talented team of producers and project managers have experience managing these design processes at every stage.


Creative PM has years of experience in managing the design process of themed water parks. With our best practice approach informed by our group’s extensive experience in this area, our expert Project Managers are specialists at overseeing the entire waterpark creation process from concept & narrative to design & installation.


In addition to purely entertainment-based design projects, Creative PM has a great deal of experience in managing the creation of educational and interactive exhibits. With our team of razor-sharp project managers and producers, we can help oversee the design, planning, manufacture, and installation of museum & exhibit projects of all varieties, anywhere in the world.


Whether it’s working on an entirely new project from scratch or updating an established resort, we have considerable experience in managing the creative process behind the design and planning of zoos & aquariums. From blue sky to realisation, our team of producers and project managers intimately understand the challenges and opportunities in this corner of the industry.


Our team at Creative PM have worked across many sectors with work including overseeing the design and installation of creative commercial interiors. From retail spaces, restaurants, and hotels to sports venues, and indoor entertainment spaces, we understand how these jobs get done on time and to budget without sacrificing creative vision.

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